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This Quick Kick features a discussion on Superman and the random powers he used in past films, like reversing time and a super-kiss. Plus thoughts on the upcoming Man of Steel movie and Captain questions the marketing tactics of Iron Man 3. (13:03)

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Think of this Quick Kick episode as a Blu-Ray bonus feature for Episode 34 – Science @#$% on Mars – The Marvel NOW! Review. Markisan and Dan discuss Thor: God of Thunder #1-2 in depth. So, if you just did not get enough Thor in the Marvel NOW! ep, or if you are just stinkin drunk on mead, then you will enjoy this mini Norse fest. (25:50)

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Markisan and Bova discuss The Amazing Spider-Man movie, and offer speculation on storylines and villains for the sequel. (34:15)

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This Quick Kick features Captain talking to Markisan about The Avengers movie. Cap wasn’t able to join us on the full podcast review, so we recorded this bonus ep. (14:57)

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Markisan and Dan discuss costume alterations and employment for Green Arrow, and offer an idea for a new Justice League series. (5:36)

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Markisan and The Captain talk about their epic THORSday event, prompting a review of the SyFy Channel’s horrible TV film, Almighty Thor, starring Richard @#$%ing Grieco. We also discuss our thoughts on last year’s Marvel film, Thor. (35:30)

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We share a Christmas tale of Captainly transformation. Dan talks about sharing the holidays with his son, whose budding interest in comic book nerdery fills him with glee and arrows. And then we discuss Artemis, a beard for all seasons. (13:41)

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We discuss the ridiculous failure that is the 2011 Conan the Barbarian film starring Jason Momoa. (16:17)

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We curse Geoff Johns for making Aquaman readable, but question King Arthur’s abilities in freshwater. (10:05)

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