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This episode begins an all new format for the cast! We discuss the single biggest news item of the week, chase it with a television episode review and finish things off with our books of the week. This week we discuss the bad reviews for Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, we review Daredevil Season 2 Episode 1, and then we talk about Four Eyes #1, Dry Spell #1 and Snow Blind #1. (56:45)

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This episode we discuss recent comic book news, including the Netflix Daredevil trailer, the Fantastic Four trailer, David Tennant as the Purple Man, a possible Lucifer TV series, the chances of Constantine being renewed by NBC, the Gotham TV series, X-Men: Age of Apocalypse casting, Bendis leaving X-Men and the supposed new power for Superman. Plus thoughts on Kevin Smith's Tusk and the crinkle chin power of Super Skrull! (1:13:01)

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This episode we get evil. In celebration of Halloween we recommend horror films and horror comics guaranteed to make you squee. Tucker and Dale Vs. Evil, Dead Snow, The Fly, Severed, Johnny the Homicidal Maniac, Uzumaki and more! All out murder talk from the black chasms we call mouths. (58:01) 

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Today (Sept. 9, 2014) is the official release day of Captain America: The Winter Soldier on Blu-Ray. We did a review of the film but never released it because we recorded it a month or so after the movie hit theaters. But with the Blu-Ray release out today we thought it was a good time to dredge the review out of the archives. WARNING: We SPOIL everything! Do not listen to this if you have not seen the film. (48:12)

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This episode we talk all about Superman, in honor of his 75th Birthday. We discuss our first encounters with Big Blue, our favorite Superman tales, how relevant Superman is to the world today and what creators we’d like to see take on the Man of Steel. (1:12:19)

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In honor of this most famous THORsday of all – Thanksgiving – we bring you an all-out Asgardian episode! We talk about the 2013 Viking Party where the entire cast got together for the very first time. And more importantly, Captain finally meets Dan and Bova after two years of podcasting with them! You’ll also hear a few drunken interviews recorded at the big celebration. Plus, we review Thor: The Dark World! (1:08:19)
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In celebration of Halloween, this episode we talk about our favorite horror comics! You’ll hear all the thrills, chills and gut spills of Locke & Key, Hellblazer, Crossed, Bedlam, Severed, Hack/Slash, The Crow, Marvel Zombies, The Goon, The Black Freighter and Demeter. Plus, we discuss Pretty Deadly #1, the Captain America: Winter Soldier trailer and we reminisce about the glorious awfulness of the Crow movie sequels. (1:03:30)
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This episode we spend most of the time discussing Batfleck… Dan confesses his love for the New 52 Constantine, and we talk Dredd and metrosexual Lobo. Plus, stink-palm Superman? (48:16)
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The I Kick Your Face Comicast hits 50! We discuss some of the big news from the San Diego Comic-Con, including the announcement of the Superman/Batman film, the new Amazing X-Men series, the Avengers movie sequel – Age of Ultron, the upcoming 2nd season of Arrow, the new Flash spinoff TV series. Plus, sending books to CGC, the joys of minty meat and Galactus reimagined as the Swedish Chef. (59:46)

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