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This episode we discuss the 45 new Marvel series recently announced, as well as the latest crop of Image Comics set to debut in the Fall. We also reminisce about bad cartoons, talk Game of Thrones and accidentally create two new Marvel series we really want to read. (1:30:33)

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This episode Markisan and The Captain talk about a few of their favorite women creators in comics from the past and the present. Ann Nocenti, Fiona Staples, Kelly Sue DeConnick, Carla Speed McNeil and Karen Berger are discussed. (48:36)

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This episode we discuss the comic books and graphic novels we most want to read, but have not. Plus, Bova finally reveals his superhero identity. Rest easy, Syracuse, NY. You have a new champion. (1:16:47)

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The second and final episode of our two-part Year in Review spectacular! We choose our favorite comics and creators from 2014! In part two we discuss our Favorite Breakout Characters, Favorite Breakout Artists, Favorite Breakout Writers, Favorite Ongoing Series, Favorite Publishers, Favorite Comic Book TV Shows or Films, Favorite Comics Deserving of More Recognition and Biggest Disappointments in Comics. Plus Dan actually watched Guardians of the Galaxy. (2:26:32)


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The first episode of our two-part Year in Review spectacular! We choose our favorite comics and creators from 2014! In part one we discuss our favorite writers, favorite artists, favorite covers, favorite limited series, favorite single issues, favorite web comics and favorite new series. (1:59:12)

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Today is officially Batman Day! To help celebrate 75 years of the Dark Knight we talked about some of our favorite, less famous Batman stories. No Mans Land, Gotham by Gaslight, Killing Joke, Batman: Year 100 and Batman: Tenses are just a few of our celebratory selections. (52:53)

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This episode we discuss our experiences with introducing comics to women and recommend series for the fairer, smarter sex. (1:04:10)
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Captain goes solo! Listen to him review books all by his lonesome. An episode that could only be called Casturbation. (12:20)
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This episode we talk about the comic book characters we would most like to drink with and what beers we would share with them. Plus Dan goes nerd with Magic cards, we talk about board games and free SXSW books on ComiXology. Plus, Bova dreams of slutting his way across the galaxy with Starlord! (1:07:26)
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This episode we continue discussing our choices for best comics and creators in 2013! In this second and final Year in Review podcast, we reveal our selections for 7 more categories. Plus, we get passionate about Arrow and Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. (1:51:47)

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This episode we reveal our choices for best comics and creators in 2013! Part I of our two-part Year-in-Review. Plus, Bova has fun with trees. (1:41:27)

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This episode Dan, Bova and the Captain bravely cast without Markisan. They discuss Thor: God of Thunder #10, the slow-shipping woes of Scarlet, the relaunch of Red Sonja with all-female writers, X-Files: Season 10 #1, Day Men #1 The Walking Dead and Atomic Robo on Kickstarter. Plus, Bova admits to watching Top Chef and Dan rocks out to Zombie Skin. (39:24)
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This episode we talk about the comic book characters we would LEAST want to be! Black Condor! Elongated Man! X-Men’s Angel! Red Bee! Booster Gold! Color King! Gay Ghost! Tag! Eye Scream?!? Plus secret identities, Captain asks why Charles Xavier does not have a tank for legs, Dan cannot get Neneh Cherry out of his head and real-life superhero Phoenix Jones. (57:22)
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This episode we talk about our experiences on Free Comic Book Day and review books we have read lately. Plus Dan prepares his Spandex Splinters for HeroesCon and the boys razz Markisan for his letter (and ridiculously huge photo) in the back of Thor: God of Thunder #8. (1:02:50)
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This episode we talk about comics news and review a bunch of books, including Thor #7, Uncanny Avengers #6, Courtney Crumrin #10, Green Arrow #18, Locke and Key: Omega, Avengers, Uncanny X-Men, Age of Ultron and Earth 2. Plus, lots of summer movie thoughts and the awesomeness of being Willy Wonka. (1:03:40)
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This episode we discuss the characters in comics we would like to kill permanently. No resurrections. No clones. Just death. Find out how the Captain would take out Negan from the Walking Dead! Thrill to the impending doom that awaits Thunderbolt Ross in a carefully constructed tale of gamma woe by Bova! Witness the fate of Wolverine in Barbershop Dan! Be there at the end of DC as the evil minions of Markisan bring about a Footmageddon on the New 52! Plus, selling comics on ebay and Dan is menaced by his cat. (48:09)
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This episode we discuss the comic books we have read recently, including Captain America #5, Thanos Rising #1, Guardians of the Galaxy #1, Constantine #1 and Age of Ultron. Plus, we share our thoughts on DC’s recent editorial snafus, Markisan crushes on Hawkeye, Hulks in heat, launching Wolverine into space and Backup Buckys?! (53:20)
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This episode we discuss what weapons in comics we would choose to wield. Find out how Sector 2814 would fare with a shirtless Lantern Bova in a green Camaro. Hear a plan by dan to get to work faster. Learn the plot for Transmetropolitan revenge by Markisan. Plus, Captain gets a thunderous upgrade to his mighty fists. (53:11)
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This episode we discuss books we have read recently, including: Age of Ultron, Avengers, New Avengers, Uncanny X-Men, All-New X-Men, Nova, Guardians of the Galaxy, Vibe, Swamp Thing, Animal Man and Batwoman. Plus Markisan drops a detailed review of the Batman run by Grant Morrison and the fate of Damian Wayne in Batman Incorporated #8. AND we wax nostalgic about the creepy animated classic, Salad Fingers. (55:45)
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This episode we discuss the age old question, “If you could have any superpower, what would it be?” We discuss an array of powers and abilities, from super-speed to sausage making. Plus Markisan reveals his intricate plan to feast on dinosaurs, Bova gets buggy and Dan births the Super-Mohel?! And Captain catapults donuts. (33:42)
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This episode is all about villains. First we talk about two of the biggest upcoming villain projects from Marvel – Age of Ultron and Thanos Rising, then we discuss some of our favorite big bads in comics like Doom, Saint of Killers, Bullseye, Corinthian, Enchantress, Catman and The Calculator. Plus, Antonio Banderas as the Mad Titan? And Captain imagines the quickest villain death match in comics history. (56:26)
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This episode we weigh in on the rash of new and C-List characters at DC and Marvel suddenly getting series these days. Then we offer our thoughts on the characters we’d like to see star in their own ongoing books and what creators could make them work. Plus Facebeast, Bova longs for a Wonder Man/Dazzler series, and where the @#$% does Bullseye live? (47:14)
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This episode we talk about the books we have read lately, including All New X-Men, Batman, Batman and Robin, Captain America, Fables: Wolves of the Heartland, Revolver, Saga, Supercrooks, Thor and Walking Dead. Plus, Markisan won’t shut up about Daredevil: End of Days, Dan finally gets on board Team Moon Knight and the birth of… Rational Man!?!!?! (1:03:17)
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This episode we reveal our choices for best comics and creators in 2012. We discuss and debate our favorites for last year, including: writer, artist, ongoing series, limited series, character, cover artist, single issue or graphic novel, new series, surprise and breakout talent. Clocking in at nearly 2 hours, this is our biggest episode ever. So throw on your cape, grab a craft brew and listen to us kick around what is best in life. Plus, have you ever thought about Swamp Thing using nunchuks? We have. AND Bova and Captain reveal their secret affair! (1:59:31)
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This episode we discuss the first two months of Marvel NOW! comics. Find out what we think about the revamped titles we have read and the creators behind them. We cover All-New X-Men, Captain America, Fantastic Four, FF, Indestructible Hulk, Iron Man, Thor: God of Thunder and Uncanny Avengers. Plus Captain goes ultimate on hibiscus and Bova invents a new technology called… Excellus?! (1:17:12)
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In the second episode of our two-part discussion on favorite creator-owned series, we talk about Atomic Robo, The Walking Dead, Invincible and Fables. Plus, more thoughts on Hellblazer dying, and Markisan and the Captain start planning for their next big chumventure at Fabletown and Beyond. (53:25)
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In this first of two episodes we each talk in-depth about our favorite creator-owned series. So put on your slippers, throw on your Beats and get introduced to four excellent comic books – Mind MGMT, Sweet Tooth, Saga and Rachel Rising. Plus we lament over the impending death of Hellblazer, Captain longs for the return of a Crocodile Butler and Dan covers Silverchair. (1:05:53)
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This episode Captain takes charge of the cast, leading a discussion on what we find ridiculous in comics, including invulnerable characters with armor, Aquaman and his trident, Hulk pants, Rob Liefeld tantrums, Avengers Arena and the New 52 Robins. We also give our thoughts on building a team in Ultimate Alliance, Wolverine, the Hobbit Hole breakfast and Hugo Weaving hating on the Red Skull. Plus, Dan is completely baffled by desktop folders and Muppet Babies. (47:06)
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This episode we talk about the Justice League and the upcoming Justice League of America. We wax poetic about the big kiss between Superman and Wonder Woman, heroic splash pages, favorite JL stories, and the ridiculousness of resurrected league member and breakdancer... Vibe. Plus West Coast Justice League Vs. SAMCRO and Dan Vs. A Slug. (52:51)
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In this episode we talk about the beginning of "Death of the Family” in Batman #13, Uncanny Avengers #1 (starring Goat-Faced Girl), the end of Avengers Vs. X-Men and how it shapes the upcoming Marvel Now universe, Black Panther, the end of Scalped, Cerebus going digital, Transformers and news from the New York Comic Con. Plus Succulent Spider-Man? And Bova calls out Rochester. (52:39)
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This episode Markisan and the Captain seriously discuss the big event in Avengers Vs. X-Men #11. Plus Thunderbolts, X-Force, AVX: Vs. and thoughts on how AVX leads into the upcoming Marvel Now books. (42:31)
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This episode we discuss the New 52 after one year. Find out what DC books we are still reading, what our thoughts are on the line-wide revamp and where we think DC might be taking their universe. Plus, Rob Liefeld quitting DC, getting ready for MorrisonCon and suffering Green Lantern in Justice League. (56:57)
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This episode we discuss some of the latest news in comics, including FF and Miss Thang, Indestructible Hulk, Thor: The God of Thunder, Thor: The Dark World, Joss Whedon signing on for Avengers 2, the X-Men: First Class sequel, Ben Affleck on Justice League, Arrow, Tom Waits, and some thoughts on Batman #12. Plus, Ant-Man and his ribbon dance, the shopping habits of Hawkeye and a matrimonial vow to I Kick Your Face. (53:21)
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This episode we talk about Marvel Now, the recently announced revamp to the Marvel Universe. Uncanny Avengers, All-New X-Men and the advanced planning that Hickman does for Avengers are all discussed. Plus, thoughts on the return of Jean Grey, Wolverine and the X-Men, New Avengers, and the anti-Marvel team dynamics of a drunk Superman. (45:56)
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This episode we discuss the big reveal in Batman #10, the Court of Owls storyline and what the deal is with the ever-expanding Wayne family. Plus Dan talks about his experience at HeroesCon and Markisan offers thoughts on Captured Ghosts, the Warren Ellis documentary film. We also review the insanity of Hulk #10, Mind Management #1, Hypernaturals #1, Wasteland and SVK. Also, technology. (56:56)
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This episode we talk about the recently launched New 52 books – Earth 2 and Dial H for Hero, plus discussions on The Mighty Thor, Silver Surfer, the science of Daredevil’s cane. We also speculate on what will happen with the Ultron event teased in Moon Knight and who is the biggest douche in Avengers Vs. X-Men – Cap or Wolverine. Plus, MorrisonCon and the Mechadroid tastes freedom for the first time.
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This episode we talk about what we look for in comic book art, art trends we don’t like and who some of our favorite artists are. Plus, the possibility of Aquaman living in a mall fountain and Bova feels his age. (51:11)
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Markisan calls in from the moon to talk Avengers Vs. X-Men #1 with Dan, Bova and The Captain. The discussion includes Spider-Man being a dick, why Colossus is constantly bald, Namor being a dick, Wolverine by fireside, why anyone can be an Avenger and the need for heroes to deliberate the potential doom of planet earth in the shallow surf. (37:38)
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In anticipation of the new Warren Ellis documentary, Captured Ghosts, set to release this month on DVD, we discuss the impact of Warren Ellis on comics over the years, including his influential work on The Authority and Transmetropolitan. We also discuss his creator-owned work and recent work-for hire on titles like Secret Avengers. (53:16)
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Dan poses the question, If you could travel back in time, what one thing about comics would you change? We each set out to answer Dan's deep thought by first talking about the inspiration for it - the TV show, Voyagers. Then we discuss how crossover event books could suck less, crushing the Comics Code Authority in the 50s, and putting creators in contract signing seminars about how not to get screwed. We also talk monkey shirts, thoughts on the Max Landis video - The Death and Return of Superman, and the irritation of the Boyz Wonder. Plus Bova actually goes back in time. (58:37)
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We discuss Invincible, Thief of Thieves, Secret Avengers, the ending of The Infinite, Batman books, and Dan talks Bone novels. We also spend some time discussing Smallville and the upcoming Smallville Season 11 digital comic series, the Green Arrow TV show being developed by the CW, and Bova attempts an explanation of the return of Johnny Storm to the Fantastic Four with an insect arm. Plus, did you know that Bova looks exactly like Samwise Gamgee? (57:51)
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We talk about some of the big comics news announced in the last month, including the upcoming Before Watchmen books, Garth Ennis taking over the shadow, the new logo for DC, casting for the new Green Arrow TV show, new Mark Millar books, Liefeld at DC, Walt Simonson on Avengers and Marvel beating DC out for the top market spot after just 4 months of the New 52. Plus toaster strudel and a pitch for a Stan Lee and Christopher Lee reality show. (1:20:35)
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This episode we reveal the true test of comic geek friendship, ponder the current state of VERTIGO and discuss our feelings on Action Comics and the rest of the New 52 so far. We also talk about Batman and Robin, FF, Stormwatch, The Flash, Shinku and the Garth Ennis mini-film, Stitched. Plus, Markisan tortures Dan with additional vampire tales and we voice objections to two Fraction series, The Mighty Thor and The Defenders. And what are the possibilities of an all All-Orange team-up book with Thing and Sasquatch? (1:14:24)
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We break from the usual news and reviews format to talk about our favorite non-superhero comic books. Our cast begins with a Captainly tale of Hansi, star of the least superhero book ever created. Then we discuss Scalped, Preacher, Fables and The Metabarons. But not without veering off course a few times to discuss Ghost Rider and his fire tinkle in the movie sequel trailer, the need for Marvel to capitalize on other movie genre monsters and a Rob Liefeld Presents television series. We also demonstrate our ignorance of Jersey Shore, much to the chagrin of Bova who professes an inexplicable fascination for the horrible phenomenon. Plus, soup. (1:05:17)
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We discuss the newfound interest in Frisbees in Green Arrow, Arm Fall Off Boy (the legionnaire who could have been), the relaunch of Buffy and Angel at Dark Horse, Avenging Spider-Man, and Markisan questions the filthy abilities of Mud Man by Paul Grist. Plus, quick thoughts on recent issues of Wonder Woman, Justice League, Batman, Red Hood and the Outlaws, Stormwatch and Nightwing. Also, Dan pimps Lone Wolf and Cub and reminisces about the evolution of the I Kick Your Face theme song, from xylophone ditty to kick-ass rock. (44:44)
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We discuss Incredible Hulk #1, Wolverine and the X-Men #1, Aquaman #2, Spaceman #1, Justice League Dark #2, Justice League #2, Secret Six, the end of Fear Itself and our thoughts on big events by marvel. Plus more on Markisan and his growing vampire fetish, the waffle tactics of Magneto and the need for vegan wolves in comics. Plus Batman Vs. Bill Murray. (52:15)
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We talk about the lame stabby face powers of the 26th Baldwin brother, Speedball; Nth Man and his pony tail; and how DC should transform the new Hawkman villain into a the ultimate nemesis for Aquaman – Morfishdickus! Plus Thor vs. The Math League! (28:18)
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We reveal our thoughts on stupid mutant powers and blab about Kevin Smith, Wolverine, Schism and Cerebus. Plus, Markisan creates Fish Dicks: Aquatic Detectives and Captain gets serious with Batgirl. (1:04:15)
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