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This episode we discuss news from the 2015 San Diego Comic-Con. Thoughts on film trailers, new comic book series, Ron Perlman and lots more! Plus, Dan wants Godzilla in Hell artist James Stokoe to illustrate his life. (1:38:52)

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The MorrisonCon Adventures of Markisan and the Captain are finally revealed! Recorded days after MorrisonCon, Dan and Bova hear all about their experiences at the unique event and their interactions with creators. Topics include Grant Morrison the man, Darick Robertson worshipping of Jim Lee, the Pink Taco, Max Landis Vs. James Gunn, naming beards, building an entourage, and taking Jason Aaron’s mead virginity. (55:47)
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In this unusually raunchy episode, the full cast talks about the upcoming MorrisonCon in Las Vegas. We discuss what Markisan and the Captain will experience at the event, highlight the mystifying sessions on the MorrisonCon schedule and reflect on the Morrison legacy in comics – from the Invisibles to Batman Inc. Plus Bova calls out Rochester, NY.
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This episode Captain and Markisan talk about their recent adventures at the Chicago comics convention, C2E2. Dan is also along for the ride as they discuss being old, Zombie Dust, the dumb questions fanboys always ask at panels, the moustache emporium, possibly being brothers with Ben Templesmith, the challenges of Steampunk, and the big announcements such as the ongoing Hawkeye and Gambit series. Plus Dan hand carves a gift from the heart for Brian K. Vaughan. (55:17)
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