The most fun you'll ever have listening to dudes talk about comic books.
We complete our assessment of comics in 2011, beginning with what surprised us during the year, then descending into the biggest failures, like Defenders #1. Along the way we also discuss Shinku, Scarlet Spider #1, our disappointment with the art change in Incredible Hulk, the return of 90s creators to comics, Richard Pryor in Superman III and the pillaging of VERTIGO. Plus, Dr. Strange, X-books, commentary on Best Robots Ever by Wired and Bova challenges a hot cosplayer to a carve-off?!?!? (1:10:11)

We discuss what we thought of comics in 2011, starting with our overall assessment and our opinion of the big events like the New 52, Schism and Fear Itself. We also name some our favorite comics and creators of last year. Top series discussed include Detective Comics, Walking Dead, Severed, Wolverine and the X-Men and Moon Knight. Plus Markisan and the Captain reveal the might of their Vader Head Army. (1:06:09)
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