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This episode we discuss the ridiculousness of the latest Marvel Comics Film, The Wolverine. Plus some speculation about the upcoming X-Men: Days of Future Past movie. (46:04)
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The I Kick Your Face Comicast hits 50! We discuss some of the big news from the San Diego Comic-Con, including the announcement of the Superman/Batman film, the new Amazing X-Men series, the Avengers movie sequel – Age of Ultron, the upcoming 2nd season of Arrow, the new Flash spinoff TV series. Plus, sending books to CGC, the joys of minty meat and Galactus reimagined as the Swedish Chef. (59:46)

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This episode Dan, Bova and the Captain bravely cast without Markisan. They discuss Thor: God of Thunder #10, the slow-shipping woes of Scarlet, the relaunch of Red Sonja with all-female writers, X-Files: Season 10 #1, Day Men #1 The Walking Dead and Atomic Robo on Kickstarter. Plus, Bova admits to watching Top Chef and Dan rocks out to Zombie Skin. (39:24)
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