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This episode we discuss the characters in comics we would like to kill permanently. No resurrections. No clones. Just death. Find out how the Captain would take out Negan from the Walking Dead! Thrill to the impending doom that awaits Thunderbolt Ross in a carefully constructed tale of gamma woe by Bova! Witness the fate of Wolverine in Barbershop Dan! Be there at the end of DC as the evil minions of Markisan bring about a Footmageddon on the New 52! Plus, selling comics on ebay and Dan is menaced by his cat. (48:09)
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This episode we discuss the comic books we have read recently, including Captain America #5, Thanos Rising #1, Guardians of the Galaxy #1, Constantine #1 and Age of Ultron. Plus, we share our thoughts on DC’s recent editorial snafus, Markisan crushes on Hawkeye, Hulks in heat, launching Wolverine into space and Backup Buckys?! (53:20)
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This episode we discuss what weapons in comics we would choose to wield. Find out how Sector 2814 would fare with a shirtless Lantern Bova in a green Camaro. Hear a plan by dan to get to work faster. Learn the plot for Transmetropolitan revenge by Markisan. Plus, Captain gets a thunderous upgrade to his mighty fists. (53:11)
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