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This episode is all about villains. First we talk about two of the biggest upcoming villain projects from Marvel – Age of Ultron and Thanos Rising, then we discuss some of our favorite big bads in comics like Doom, Saint of Killers, Bullseye, Corinthian, Enchantress, Catman and The Calculator. Plus, Antonio Banderas as the Mad Titan? And Captain imagines the quickest villain death match in comics history. (56:26)
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This episode we weigh in on the rash of new and C-List characters at DC and Marvel suddenly getting series these days. Then we offer our thoughts on the characters we’d like to see star in their own ongoing books and what creators could make them work. Plus Facebeast, Bova longs for a Wonder Man/Dazzler series, and where the @#$% does Bullseye live? (47:14)
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