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This episode we reveal our choices for best comics and creators in 2013! Part I of our two-part Year-in-Review. Plus, Bova has fun with trees. (1:41:27)

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This episode we talk all about Superman, in honor of his 75th Birthday. We discuss our first encounters with Big Blue, our favorite Superman tales, how relevant Superman is to the world today and what creators we’d like to see take on the Man of Steel. (1:12:19)

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In honor of this most famous THORsday of all – Thanksgiving – we bring you an all-out Asgardian episode! We talk about the 2013 Viking Party where the entire cast got together for the very first time. And more importantly, Captain finally meets Dan and Bova after two years of podcasting with them! You’ll also hear a few drunken interviews recorded at the big celebration. Plus, we review Thor: The Dark World! (1:08:19)
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In celebration of Halloween, this episode we talk about our favorite horror comics! You’ll hear all the thrills, chills and gut spills of Locke & Key, Hellblazer, Crossed, Bedlam, Severed, Hack/Slash, The Crow, Marvel Zombies, The Goon, The Black Freighter and Demeter. Plus, we discuss Pretty Deadly #1, the Captain America: Winter Soldier trailer and we reminisce about the glorious awfulness of the Crow movie sequels. (1:03:30)
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This episode we spend most of the time discussing Batfleck… Dan confesses his love for the New 52 Constantine, and we talk Dredd and metrosexual Lobo. Plus, stink-palm Superman? (48:16)
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This episode we discuss the ridiculousness of the latest Marvel Comics Film, The Wolverine. Plus some speculation about the upcoming X-Men: Days of Future Past movie. (46:04)
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The I Kick Your Face Comicast hits 50! We discuss some of the big news from the San Diego Comic-Con, including the announcement of the Superman/Batman film, the new Amazing X-Men series, the Avengers movie sequel – Age of Ultron, the upcoming 2nd season of Arrow, the new Flash spinoff TV series. Plus, sending books to CGC, the joys of minty meat and Galactus reimagined as the Swedish Chef. (59:46)

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This episode Dan, Bova and the Captain bravely cast without Markisan. They discuss Thor: God of Thunder #10, the slow-shipping woes of Scarlet, the relaunch of Red Sonja with all-female writers, X-Files: Season 10 #1, Day Men #1 The Walking Dead and Atomic Robo on Kickstarter. Plus, Bova admits to watching Top Chef and Dan rocks out to Zombie Skin. (39:24)
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This episode we discuss and debate the controversial Man of Steel film. Markisan versus Bova and Captain for the fate of the world! Plus, will Dan see the movie by 2025? (50:21)
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This episode we talk about the comic book characters we would LEAST want to be! Black Condor! Elongated Man! X-Men’s Angel! Red Bee! Booster Gold! Color King! Gay Ghost! Tag! Eye Scream?!? Plus secret identities, Captain asks why Charles Xavier does not have a tank for legs, Dan cannot get Neneh Cherry out of his head and real-life superhero Phoenix Jones. (57:22)
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This episode we review Iron Man 3. Captain and Bova square off against Markisan on the merits and shortcomings of the film and Dan laughs a lot. Plus, we talk about what might be in store for the Agents of SHIELD TV show and the Avengers movie universe. (53:07)
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This episode we talk about our experiences on Free Comic Book Day and review books we have read lately. Plus Dan prepares his Spandex Splinters for HeroesCon and the boys razz Markisan for his letter (and ridiculously huge photo) in the back of Thor: God of Thunder #8. (1:02:50)
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This episode we talk about comics news and review a bunch of books, including Thor #7, Uncanny Avengers #6, Courtney Crumrin #10, Green Arrow #18, Locke and Key: Omega, Avengers, Uncanny X-Men, Age of Ultron and Earth 2. Plus, lots of summer movie thoughts and the awesomeness of being Willy Wonka. (1:03:40)
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This episode we discuss the characters in comics we would like to kill permanently. No resurrections. No clones. Just death. Find out how the Captain would take out Negan from the Walking Dead! Thrill to the impending doom that awaits Thunderbolt Ross in a carefully constructed tale of gamma woe by Bova! Witness the fate of Wolverine in Barbershop Dan! Be there at the end of DC as the evil minions of Markisan bring about a Footmageddon on the New 52! Plus, selling comics on ebay and Dan is menaced by his cat. (48:09)
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This episode we discuss the comic books we have read recently, including Captain America #5, Thanos Rising #1, Guardians of the Galaxy #1, Constantine #1 and Age of Ultron. Plus, we share our thoughts on DC’s recent editorial snafus, Markisan crushes on Hawkeye, Hulks in heat, launching Wolverine into space and Backup Buckys?! (53:20)
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This episode we discuss what weapons in comics we would choose to wield. Find out how Sector 2814 would fare with a shirtless Lantern Bova in a green Camaro. Hear a plan by dan to get to work faster. Learn the plot for Transmetropolitan revenge by Markisan. Plus, Captain gets a thunderous upgrade to his mighty fists. (53:11)
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This episode we discuss books we have read recently, including: Age of Ultron, Avengers, New Avengers, Uncanny X-Men, All-New X-Men, Nova, Guardians of the Galaxy, Vibe, Swamp Thing, Animal Man and Batwoman. Plus Markisan drops a detailed review of the Batman run by Grant Morrison and the fate of Damian Wayne in Batman Incorporated #8. AND we wax nostalgic about the creepy animated classic, Salad Fingers. (55:45)
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This episode we discuss the age old question, “If you could have any superpower, what would it be?” We discuss an array of powers and abilities, from super-speed to sausage making. Plus Markisan reveals his intricate plan to feast on dinosaurs, Bova gets buggy and Dan births the Super-Mohel?! And Captain catapults donuts. (33:42)
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This Quick Kick features a discussion on Superman and the random powers he used in past films, like reversing time and a super-kiss. Plus thoughts on the upcoming Man of Steel movie and Captain questions the marketing tactics of Iron Man 3. (13:03)

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This episode is all about villains. First we talk about two of the biggest upcoming villain projects from Marvel – Age of Ultron and Thanos Rising, then we discuss some of our favorite big bads in comics like Doom, Saint of Killers, Bullseye, Corinthian, Enchantress, Catman and The Calculator. Plus, Antonio Banderas as the Mad Titan? And Captain imagines the quickest villain death match in comics history. (56:26)
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This episode we weigh in on the rash of new and C-List characters at DC and Marvel suddenly getting series these days. Then we offer our thoughts on the characters we’d like to see star in their own ongoing books and what creators could make them work. Plus Facebeast, Bova longs for a Wonder Man/Dazzler series, and where the @#$% does Bullseye live? (47:14)
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This episode we talk about the books we have read lately, including All New X-Men, Batman, Batman and Robin, Captain America, Fables: Wolves of the Heartland, Revolver, Saga, Supercrooks, Thor and Walking Dead. Plus, Markisan won’t shut up about Daredevil: End of Days, Dan finally gets on board Team Moon Knight and the birth of… Rational Man!?!!?! (1:03:17)
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This episode we reveal our choices for best comics and creators in 2012. We discuss and debate our favorites for last year, including: writer, artist, ongoing series, limited series, character, cover artist, single issue or graphic novel, new series, surprise and breakout talent. Clocking in at nearly 2 hours, this is our biggest episode ever. So throw on your cape, grab a craft brew and listen to us kick around what is best in life. Plus, have you ever thought about Swamp Thing using nunchuks? We have. AND Bova and Captain reveal their secret affair! (1:59:31)
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This episode we discuss the first two months of Marvel NOW! comics. Find out what we think about the revamped titles we have read and the creators behind them. We cover All-New X-Men, Captain America, Fantastic Four, FF, Indestructible Hulk, Iron Man, Thor: God of Thunder and Uncanny Avengers. Plus Captain goes ultimate on hibiscus and Bova invents a new technology called… Excellus?! (1:17:12)
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Think of this Quick Kick episode as a Blu-Ray bonus feature for Episode 34 – Science @#$% on Mars – The Marvel NOW! Review. Markisan and Dan discuss Thor: God of Thunder #1-2 in depth. So, if you just did not get enough Thor in the Marvel NOW! ep, or if you are just stinkin drunk on mead, then you will enjoy this mini Norse fest. (25:50)

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