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This episode Captain takes charge of the cast, leading a discussion on what we find ridiculous in comics, including invulnerable characters with armor, Aquaman and his trident, Hulk pants, Rob Liefeld tantrums, Avengers Arena and the New 52 Robins. We also give our thoughts on building a team in Ultimate Alliance, Wolverine, the Hobbit Hole breakfast and Hugo Weaving hating on the Red Skull. Plus, Dan is completely baffled by desktop folders and Muppet Babies. (47:06)
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The MorrisonCon Adventures of Markisan and the Captain are finally revealed! Recorded days after MorrisonCon, Dan and Bova hear all about their experiences at the unique event and their interactions with creators. Topics include Grant Morrison the man, Darick Robertson worshipping of Jim Lee, the Pink Taco, Max Landis Vs. James Gunn, naming beards, building an entourage, and taking Jason Aaron’s mead virginity. (55:47)
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This episode we talk about the Justice League and the upcoming Justice League of America. We wax poetic about the big kiss between Superman and Wonder Woman, heroic splash pages, favorite JL stories, and the ridiculousness of resurrected league member and breakdancer... Vibe. Plus West Coast Justice League Vs. SAMCRO and Dan Vs. A Slug. (52:51)
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