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This episode we discuss some of the latest news in comics, including FF and Miss Thang, Indestructible Hulk, Thor: The God of Thunder, Thor: The Dark World, Joss Whedon signing on for Avengers 2, the X-Men: First Class sequel, Ben Affleck on Justice League, Arrow, Tom Waits, and some thoughts on Batman #12. Plus, Ant-Man and his ribbon dance, the shopping habits of Hawkeye and a matrimonial vow to I Kick Your Face. (53:21)
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This episode we review the final film in the Christopher Nolan Batman trilogy –The Dark Knight Rises. We discuss the entire movie from start to finish, somehow mixing in muppets, Forrest Gump, midgets, prairie dogs, Jar Jar Binks and Jean-Claude Van Damme. And of course, there are Christian Bale Batman growls aplenty. This is the Batman review you have been waiting for. (1:08:13)
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