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This episode we finally talk about The Avengers film. We start off trying to cover the movie scene-by-scene, but then shift gears halfway through to discuss and analyze our favorite sections and dialogue. Dan goes a bit too far with his love for Hulk and Markisan offers some new thoughts on the motivations of Loki in the film. Plus, The Hoff. (44:00)
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This episode we talk about the recently launched New 52 books – Earth 2 and Dial H for Hero, plus discussions on The Mighty Thor, Silver Surfer, the science of Daredevil’s cane. We also speculate on what will happen with the Ultron event teased in Moon Knight and who is the biggest douche in Avengers Vs. X-Men – Cap or Wolverine. Plus, MorrisonCon and the Mechadroid tastes freedom for the first time.
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