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Markisan and Dan discuss costume alterations and employment for Green Arrow, and offer an idea for a new Justice League series. (5:36)

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This episode we talk about what we look for in comic book art, art trends we don’t like and who some of our favorite artists are. Plus, the possibility of Aquaman living in a mall fountain and Bova feels his age. (51:11)
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This episode Captain and Markisan talk about their recent adventures at the Chicago comics convention, C2E2. Dan is also along for the ride as they discuss being old, Zombie Dust, the dumb questions fanboys always ask at panels, the moustache emporium, possibly being brothers with Ben Templesmith, the challenges of Steampunk, and the big announcements such as the ongoing Hawkeye and Gambit series. Plus Dan hand carves a gift from the heart for Brian K. Vaughan. (55:17)
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