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Dan poses the question, If you could travel back in time, what one thing about comics would you change? We each set out to answer Dan's deep thought by first talking about the inspiration for it - the TV show, Voyagers. Then we discuss how crossover event books could suck less, crushing the Comics Code Authority in the 50s, and putting creators in contract signing seminars about how not to get screwed. We also talk monkey shirts, thoughts on the Max Landis video - The Death and Return of Superman, and the irritation of the Boyz Wonder. Plus Bova actually goes back in time. (58:37)
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Markisan and The Captain talk about their epic THORSday event, prompting a review of the SyFy Channel’s horrible TV film, Almighty Thor, starring Richard @#$%ing Grieco. We also discuss our thoughts on last year’s Marvel film, Thor. (35:30)

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We devote this episode to a discussion and dissection of the awful Marvel Comics film, Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance. From Cageisms to fire pee, this review covers every horrible, eye-gouge inducing scene. But first we kick off the cast with a burrito tale by the Captain. (1:02:09)
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