The most fun you'll ever have listening to dudes talk about comic books.
We discuss Invincible, Thief of Thieves, Secret Avengers, the ending of The Infinite, Batman books, and Dan talks Bone novels. We also spend some time discussing Smallville and the upcoming Smallville Season 11 digital comic series, the Green Arrow TV show being developed by the CW, and Bova attempts an explanation of the return of Johnny Storm to the Fantastic Four with an insect arm. Plus, did you know that Bova looks exactly like Samwise Gamgee? (57:51)
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We discuss our thoughts on upcoming comic book-related films in 2012. We dissect the current trailers and give our expert opinions on them. We also talk about Hunger Games, George Lucas, zombie sheep, evil tires and Dan challenges Markisan on his love for Batman. Plus Bova reenacts the Anne Hathaway scene in the Dark Knight Rises trailer and we reconstruct how Christian Bale tested his Batman voice on Christopher Nolan. (1:12:12)
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We talk about some of the big comics news announced in the last month, including the upcoming Before Watchmen books, Garth Ennis taking over the shadow, the new logo for DC, casting for the new Green Arrow TV show, new Mark Millar books, Liefeld at DC, Walt Simonson on Avengers and Marvel beating DC out for the top market spot after just 4 months of the New 52. Plus toaster strudel and a pitch for a Stan Lee and Christopher Lee reality show. (1:20:35)
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We complete our assessment of comics in 2011, beginning with what surprised us during the year, then descending into the biggest failures, like Defenders #1. Along the way we also discuss Shinku, Scarlet Spider #1, our disappointment with the art change in Incredible Hulk, the return of 90s creators to comics, Richard Pryor in Superman III and the pillaging of VERTIGO. Plus, Dr. Strange, X-books, commentary on Best Robots Ever by Wired and Bova challenges a hot cosplayer to a carve-off?!?!? (1:10:11)