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We discuss what we thought of comics in 2011, starting with our overall assessment and our opinion of the big events like the New 52, Schism and Fear Itself. We also name some our favorite comics and creators of last year. Top series discussed include Detective Comics, Walking Dead, Severed, Wolverine and the X-Men and Moon Knight. Plus Markisan and the Captain reveal the might of their Vader Head Army. (1:06:09)
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This episode we reveal the true test of comic geek friendship, ponder the current state of VERTIGO and discuss our feelings on Action Comics and the rest of the New 52 so far. We also talk about Batman and Robin, FF, Stormwatch, The Flash, Shinku and the Garth Ennis mini-film, Stitched. Plus, Markisan tortures Dan with additional vampire tales and we voice objections to two Fraction series, The Mighty Thor and The Defenders. And what are the possibilities of an all All-Orange team-up book with Thing and Sasquatch? (1:14:24)
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We share a Christmas tale of Captainly transformation. Dan talks about sharing the holidays with his son, whose budding interest in comic book nerdery fills him with glee and arrows. And then we discuss Artemis, a beard for all seasons. (13:41)

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We break from the usual news and reviews format to talk about our favorite non-superhero comic books. Our cast begins with a Captainly tale of Hansi, star of the least superhero book ever created. Then we discuss Scalped, Preacher, Fables and The Metabarons. But not without veering off course a few times to discuss Ghost Rider and his fire tinkle in the movie sequel trailer, the need for Marvel to capitalize on other movie genre monsters and a Rob Liefeld Presents television series. We also demonstrate our ignorance of Jersey Shore, much to the chagrin of Bova who professes an inexplicable fascination for the horrible phenomenon. Plus, soup. (1:05:17)
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