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We discuss the newfound interest in Frisbees in Green Arrow, Arm Fall Off Boy (the legionnaire who could have been), the relaunch of Buffy and Angel at Dark Horse, Avenging Spider-Man, and Markisan questions the filthy abilities of Mud Man by Paul Grist. Plus, quick thoughts on recent issues of Wonder Woman, Justice League, Batman, Red Hood and the Outlaws, Stormwatch and Nightwing. Also, Dan pimps Lone Wolf and Cub and reminisces about the evolution of the I Kick Your Face theme song, from xylophone ditty to kick-ass rock. (44:44)
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We discuss Incredible Hulk #1, Wolverine and the X-Men #1, Aquaman #2, Spaceman #1, Justice League Dark #2, Justice League #2, Secret Six, the end of Fear Itself and our thoughts on big events by marvel. Plus more on Markisan and his growing vampire fetish, the waffle tactics of Magneto and the need for vegan wolves in comics. Plus Batman Vs. Bill Murray. (52:15)
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We talk about the lame stabby face powers of the 26th Baldwin brother, Speedball; Nth Man and his pony tail; and how DC should transform the new Hawkman villain into a the ultimate nemesis for Aquaman – Morfishdickus! Plus Thor vs. The Math League! (28:18)
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We reveal our thoughts on stupid mutant powers and blab about Kevin Smith, Wolverine, Schism and Cerebus. Plus, Markisan creates Fish Dicks: Aquatic Detectives and Captain gets serious with Batgirl. (1:04:15)
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We discuss the ridiculous failure that is the 2011 Conan the Barbarian film starring Jason Momoa. (16:17)

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We curse Geoff Johns for making Aquaman readable, but question King Arthur’s abilities in freshwater. (10:05)

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